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Company news about Focus on food safety and people's health

Focus on food safety and people's health


Latest company news about Focus on food safety and people's health

Wu Ping, chairman of Yizhi Konjac, was invited to participate in the launch ceremony of the "Year of Safety Responsibility of Imported Food Enterprises".

On July 18, Wuhan Customs held the launch ceremony of the "Year of Safety Responsibility for Imported Food Enterprises" activity. During the event, Wuhan Customs put forward proposals for the law-abiding operation, integrity and self-discipline of imported food producers and operators, held the theme forum of "Responsibility, safety and development" and the theme training of "Clear responsibility, clear responsibility, and accountability", and 40 representatives of enterprises signed the letter of commitment on the spot. Yizhi Konjac chairman Wu Ping spoke as a representative of the enterprise.

Wu Ping, chairman of the company, said that Wuhan Customs and Yichang Customs established a "point-to-point" contact mechanism with enterprises, in-depth training, policy and service delivery, provided various facilitation and support measures for agricultural exports, fully released the policy dividends of RCEP origin preferences, customs AEO certification, and "direct loading", and optimized the business environment. We will ensure high-quality local economic development.

In the future development, the company will continue to uphold the food "quality first, safety first" principle, is committed to optimize the import and export of food safety management, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and customs requirements, adhere to the safety bottom line in food import and export, and constantly improve the quality, so that Konjac products enjoy a global reputation.


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